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Vulnerable Ecosystem Recovery Programme For Climate Change Resilience

This program aims to increase the resilience of island and wetland ecosystems to climate change by building on the successes of the second phase of the Decentralization and Environment Management Project. Proposed investments will focus on deepening the gains from the previous two ended phases, and will focus on long term capacity development to achieve improved sustainable management of natural resources, clean renewable energy resources and use, environment and climate change resilience.

The programme will support innovative approaches to restore and conserve fragile island wetland ecosystems and surrounding watersheds on 1780 ha, promote the sustainable management of natural resources and support livelihood diversification to enhance incomes of 1,375 rural vulnerable household and reduce their dependency on subsistence agriculture, on 10 islands and one wetland in 4 districts among them 3 districts which are affected by soil erosion, loss of biodiversity and flooding (Burera, Musanze, districts in the Northern Province and Rusizi District in the Western Province) and one district in the Eastern Province (Bugesera) which is affected by deforestation and drought.

The program will also develop an effective knowledge management system for lesson learning and communicating successful approaches and best practices to promote replication in other parts of the country. This component will draw on experiences and key achievements from using ecosystem-based approaches to rehabilitate and protect ecosystems during the Decentralization and Environment Management Project (DEMP), phases I and II (2008 to 2013) supported through UNDP. The DEMP created more than 5000 temporary green jobs for poor women and men (43.4% women and 56.6% men), introduced measures to protect watersheds and tributaries of Kivu, Muhazi, Mugesera lakes shores and river banks and increased capacity for effective environmental governance and decentralized service delivery.

Conservation & management of natural resources strengthened and sustained
Output 1: Degraded and fragile ecosystems rehabilitated and protected

Output 2: Livelihoods of vulnerable households diversified

Output 3: Knowledge management on ecosystem rehabilitation and protection improved.

Output 4: Effective oversight, monitoring of project activities, policy guidance and lessons learned

District Authorities in Musanze, Rusizi, Burera and Bugesera PSF, Civil Society Organizations, Academic Institutions such as ISAE.