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Teddy Mugabo
Chief Executive Officer

Teddy Mugabo serves as the fund’s first female CEO.

Her acclaimed career spanning over a decade in the Climate Change and Environmental Sector, began at the Ministry of Environment. Prior to her appointment as CEO, Teddy Mugabo served as the Head of Business Development, now referred to as the Chief Strategy Officer, where she was responsible for Business Strategy & Development. In addition, she served as the Fund’s Climate Change Sector Specialist and District Capacity Building Facilitator, where she proved to be a driving force behind many successful cross-sectoral programmes related to green investments, water management, environment, and climate change.

Before that she worked as a consultant, where her experience drew her to work closely with districts, local government, ministries, and private sector players for project implementation.

Some key achievements include the $32M Green Gicumbi adaptation project, under the Green Fund and the establishment, in close partnership with the Development Bank of Rwanda, Rwanda’s first Green Investment Facility, known as Ireme Invest.

She holds a MSc., in Climate Change and Development from the University of Sussex. She is an Eisenhower Fellow and a Three Cairns Fellow for Environment from Yale University.

Her experience has made her a sought-after leader in the sector. She has championed environmental concerns, implemented climate change projects, and played a crucial role in climate finance and resource mobilization of the country.

As a CEO, she is committed to driving impactful change in the ENR sector.

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