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Sustainable Forest and Watershed Resources Management In Nyagatare District

Soil erosion and siltation of Akagera and Umuvumba rivers are due to deforestation and mismanagement of rain water in water shed of these two rivers. As a mitigation measure to sustain these resources, this project aims at planting a total of 805,380 trees on a total area of 593ha, 94,435 Bamboo cuttings at 85ha, construction of 500 rainwater harvesting tanks, and supporting 20,408 households to access improved cook-stoves and contribution to the installation of 200 biogas digesters to reduce high demand on wood energy

Output 1: Soil erosion control increased through trees plantation and rain water haverst in 6 sectors(2) of Nyagatare District
Output 2: Akagera and Umuvumba rivers buffer zone rehabilitated through bamboo and acacia kirkii planting.
Output 3: Reduced exploitation of forests for fuel-wood through utilization of biogas and improved cook-stoves
Output 4: The project is efficiently managed

The project will be lead as follow
A. Project Executive Committee:
1. MUGANWA Stanley, chairperson of Project Executive Committee; E-mail :
2. MUHONGAYIRE Jeanne d’Arc: Vice chairperson Executive committee; E-mail:
3. KANTENGWA Mary, Chief Budget Manager with coordination of technical activities;
4. MBONIGABA Jean, Forester, E- mail:
5. MURENZI Samuel, Environmentalist, E- mail:
6. MUTABARUKA Fulgence, Agronomist, E-mail:
7. The Project Manager: To be appointed ( Secretary of the executive committee)
B. Project Staff
1. Project Manager, to be appointed
2. Monitoring and Evaluation officer to be appointed
3. Project field officer to be appointed
The steering committee of the project will be made of the project executive committee’s members plus the
following persons:
1. BYINSHI Francois, Director of Planning in Nyagatare district,
Email:, Tel: 0788352824
2. RUTANANA Alphonse, Director of Finance in Nyagatare District,
E-mail:; Tel: 0788493324
3. KAGIZI Cossia, Professional in charge of Human Resources Management in Nyagatare District,
E-mail:, Tel : 0788562286
4. MUSHABE Claudian, Executive Secretary of Nyagatare Sector,
E-mail:, Tel : 0784894164
5. MWUMVANEZA Emmanuel, Executive Secretary of Matimba Sector,
E-mail:; Tel :0784894139
6. KUBWA RUBONEKA Sylver , Executive Secretary of Mimuli Sector,
E-mail:; Tel :0784894066
7. KAMUGISHA Charles, Executive Secretary of Musheri Sector,; Tel : 0784894497
8. UWISHATSE Ignas, Executive Secretary of Rukomo Sector,
E-mail:; Tel : 0784893698
9. MUYANGO Emmanuel, Executive Secretary of Rwimiyaga Sector,; Tel:0784894456
10. MUGABO Faustin; District DASSO commander
E-mail:; Tel: 0788757051
11. Nyagatare District Police Commander
12. Representative of tree and bamboo planting Cooperatives (to be established)
13. Representative of rainwater harvesting Cooperative (to be established)
14. Representative of improved cook-stoves marketing cooperatives
15. Representative of canvas biogas marketing cooperative (to be established)