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Supporting Sustainable, Climate Resilient Livelihoods for Poor Farming Households in Bugesera District

Ngeruka sector is located in an inaccessible, drought affected part of Bugesera in the Eastern province of Rwanda and experiences high food insecurity and malnutrition, extreme poverty, high levels of unemployment.
The project is enabling 912 poor households (3,927 people) to reduce their dependence on subsistence cultivation systems increasingly affected by low rainfall, erosion and poor soil quality. Target households will be
supported to adopt conservation agriculture including agroforestry to reduce erosion as well as to develop off-farm, climate resilient livelihoods revolving around integrated cropping techniques (using maize, beans,
bananas, cassava, mushrooms, etc.) and livestock (rabbit, pigs etc.) production systems to enhance household incomes and reduce vulnerability to climate change.

1. ABADAHIGWA Cooperative in Ngeruka, Bugesera District
2. District Authority of Bugesera
3. Sector office Ngeruka, Bugesera
4. RAB (Rwanda Agriculture Board)

1. Project Manager: Ir MSc. DJUMAPILI Hussein as acting Project Manager of AVVAIS since 2009 with 6 years of work experience in Project Management including 4 years as Project Manager in Environment program under Gef/SGP and 3 years with a German NGO/Huye as an Agronomist on an Agroforestry project.
2. Marketing Officer: Ms NYIRAMANYANA Chantal as acting Representative of AVVAIS to improve the standard of living and quality of life for vulnerable women since 1999 with 14 years of work experience; World Food Programme, UNDP (2007), Belgium Embassy (2006), British Embassy (2003), Gef/SGP-UNDP (2009 -2013), Global Funds Rwanda (Ministry of Health) (2006- 2014), etc.
3. Finance Officer: Mr NSHIZINYOTA Eric is the acting Accountant for AVVAIS since 2013.
4. Administrator: Mr GATERA Guido, is experienced in administrative tasks since 2012.
Technicians: Ms UWIZEYIMANA Jeanne d’Arc and Ms MUKAMUTUNGIREHE Rose are competent technicians in producing shrubs in nurseries and experienced in edible mushrooms spawns activities in AVVAIS’s Laboratory since 2009.