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Rehabilitating River Nyabarongo

To create a project in three districts in the Upper Nyabarongo catchment area which will address critical land degradation and water pollution to make the land more productive and increase water flow; and create employment opportunities for youths and women living in the catchment area using a Public Works approach while promoting environmentally friendly income generating activities and “green jobs” in conservation, terracing, agro-forestry and buffer zone management.

To sustainably protect the natural resources of the Upper River Nyabarongo water catchment areas. This will include reducing soil erosion, increasing soil productivity and maintaining the gains through youth employment on environmental management and diversified livelihoods beyond agriculture to reduce the vulnerability of the youth to climate change in line with ENR Sector strategy, Youth policy, LED strategy, EDPRS 2 and Vision 2020.


  • Nkunda Laetitia (LODA) Project Executive 
  • Sibomana Saidi (LODA): Project Executive 
  • Robert Mwesigwa (NYC): Project Executive 
  • Mugisha Jackson (LODA): Project coordinator