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Who We Are

The Rwanda Green Fund is a groundbreaking environment and climate change investment fund. Established by the Government of Rwanda in 2012, the fund has a mandate to invest in public and private projects with the potential to create transformational change, build an ecosystem to incubate, accelerate and provide growth capital to high-impact green ventures and play a catalytic role to attract climate finance and green investment.

The Fund’s purpose is to unlock the power of green finance to achieve sustainable development.

Our strategy is to provide unheralded technical and financial support to the best public and private projects that align with Rwanda’s commitment to a green economy.

The Fund’s core responsibilities are to:

Mobilise and manage resources used in financing activities aiming at protecting and preserving environment and natural resources;

Mobilise and manage funds to be used in the fight against climate change and its impact;

Collect and manage funds from the public and private sector, through bilateral and multi-lateral partnerships, to achieve the country’s objectives to advance national priorities in the field of environment and climate change;

Support public organs, associations and individuals for environment protection and conservation, research as well as the fight against the climate change;

Coordinate and ensure that various finance partnership agreements related to prevention as well as fighting against climate change are prepared and effectively managed across various national stakeholders;

Collaborate with other national regional and international institutions with the same mission.

To be a world class green fund


To Mobilise, Invest and Catalyze green finance in Rwanda

The Fund’s Structure

The organs of the National Fund for Environment are:

The Board of Directors: This is the supreme organ of FONERWA vested with the most extensive power to make decisions regarding administration, human resources and property of FONERWA in order to fulfill its responsibilities.

The Executive Organ: Headed by the Chief Executive Officer.