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Green Rwanda Media Review - 8 March 2021


  • The Independent and other outlets report that President Kagame intends to make conservation his country’s next battle.
  • The New Times and KT Press report that the parliament wants further audit into Nduba landfill.
  • Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund shares stories of some of the many women of the Fossey Fund.
  • The New Times reports about attempts to save forests by distributing modern cookstoves.
  • REMA launches a campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of embracing efficient cooling solutions.


Upcoming Events

  • 12 March: Workshop on launching to the stakeholders the Rwanda Biodiversity Information System (RBIS) organised by the Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management. Join Here
  • 14 March: International Day Action for Rivers
  • 10 March: Solar Appreciation Day
  • 10 March: Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme, 2021. Join Here


Bimwe mu birwa bitatse ibyiza nyaburanga mu kiyaga cya Kivu (IGIHE - Sunday, 7 March 2021) -- U Rwanda ni igihugu cyuje ibyiza bitandukanye bituma hahora urujya n’uruza rwa ba mukerarugendo bagamije kwirebera ibyo byiza, muri byo harimo no gusura ibirwa bitandukanye biri mu kiyaga cya Kivu. Read More
Burera: Gutunganya Kamiranzovu bibaye igisubizo ku kibazo cy’abarembetsi (Kigali Today - Sunday, 7 March 2021) -- Umushinga wo gutunganya igishanga cya Kamiranzovu cyo mu Murenge wa Butaro mu Karere ka Burera ahakenewe abakozi 800, waba ngo ari kimwe mu bisubizo ku kibazo cy’ingendo zitemewe zijya muri Uganda mu gutunda magendu n’ibiyobyabwenge bikorwa n’abanzwi nk’abarembetsi. Read More
Gatsibo: Ikirombe cyagwiriye umusore w’imyaka 23 ahita apfa (IGIHE - Saturday, 6 March 2021) -- Umusore w’imyaka 23 wacukuraga amabuye y’agaciro mu Murenge wa Gitoki mu Karere ka Gatsibo yagwiriwe n’ikirombe ahita yitaba Imana, mu gihe abandi bakoranaga bo ntacyo babaye. Read More.   
Made In Africa : Les défis de la filière plastique en Afrique (RTI Info - Saturday, 6 March 2021) -- La demande de plastique dans le monde a été multipliée par 20 depuis 50 ans. En Côte d'Ivoire, la filière plastique pèse 500 millions de dollars et génère 20 000 emplois. Une industrie florissante où le recyclage en est encore à ses balbutiements. Nous irons aussi au Rwanda, un pays en guerre contre le plastique! Le Rwanda a été le premier pays africain à brandir l'interdiction des sacs plastiques et plus récemment de tous les plastiques à usage unique. Read More
Huye: Abatuye ku Kamatyazo barasaba gukemurirwa ikibazo cy’amazi abasenyera (Kigali Today - Thursday, 4 March 2021) -- Abatuye ku Kamatyazo mu Karere ka Huye, barinubira ko mu gushyira kaburimbo mu muhanda baturiye amazi atayobowe neza, ku buryo abangiriza imirima akanabasenyera bagasaba ko icyo kibazo cyakemurwa. Read More
PAC Tasks Auditor General On Failed Nduba Landfill Project (KT Press - Thursday, 4 March 2021) -- The Parliamentary Account Committee (PAC) has tasked the government to provide a comprehensive report on how to solve Nduba landfill issue after lawmakers cited concerns over billions of funds injected in addressing its environmental concerns in vain. Read More
Amajyaruguru: Ubuyobozi bwakuye mu rujijo abaturiye Pariki y’Ibirunga (Kigali Today - 4 March 2021) -- Guverineri w’Intara y’Amajyaruguru, Gatabazi JMV, arasaba abaturiye Pariki y’Igihugu y’Ibirunga kutagendera ku makuru atizewe bumva, bagaharanira gukora babyaza umusaruro imirima yabo. Read More
Parliament wants further audit into Nduba landfill (The New Times - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- The Chamber of Deputies has requested the Office of the Auditor General to make a follow-up audit of the use of budget appropriated towards management of the Nduba Landfill located in Nduba sector of Gasabo District, Kigali. Read More
Rwanda’s president signals intent to make conservation his country’s next battle (Independent - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- On conservation, he explains that nature is at the heart of Rwandan life. “Where we are right now,” he says gesturing to the trees outside, “those are not trees that have been planted. We just came and built in a forest.” He goes on to label his joining of the Giants Club “a meeting of minds”. Read More. Also published in the Evening Standard 
Old refrigerators consume power worth Rwf4bn annually (The New Times - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Juliet Kabera, the Director-General of Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) has called for increased cross-sector cooperation to phase out potent greenhouse gasses known as Hydrofluorocarbons as well as cooling products that consume excessive electricity. Read More  
Ruhango: Imiyoboro y’amazi yari imaze igihe yarangiritse yatangiye gusanwa (Imvaho Nshya - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Mu Karere ka Ruhango, mu Ntara y’Amajyepfo hatangijwe igikorwa cyo gusana imiyoboro y’amazi meza imaze igihe yarangiritse ikaba itanga amazi make cyane ugereranyije n’ubushobozi bwayo. Read More
Attempts to save forests by distributing modern cook stoves (The New Times - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- At least 60,000 households in the Districts of Nyanza, Gisagara, Kamonyi and Ruhango are set to be provided with improved and energy-efficient cooking stoves with capacity to reduce firewood wood by more than 50% compared to traditional stoves. Read More
Kamonyi: Barashinja Akarere kubambura uruhushya rwo kwinura umucanga ruhabwa abafite ingufu (Umuseke - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Umuyobozi wa Kampani yitwa Quality Sand Astone Ltd, Mukeshimana Didace yabwiye Umuseke ko bahawe impushya zo kwinura umucanga mu gihe cy’imyaka 5, ariko batungurwa no kubona Akarere kabandikiye ibaruwa yo kubambura izo mpushya ngo zihabwe abafite ubushobozi burenzeho nk’uko babivuga. Read More
REMA yatangije ubukangurambaga buzazigama miliyari 2.4 zitakara ku mashanyarazi (Kigali Today - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Inyigo ziheruka gukorwa zagaragaje ko mu Rwanda habarurwa firigo 97,512; muri zo 64,505 zirashaje cyane ku buryo zikoresha amashanyarazi y’umurengera afite agaciro gasaga miliyari 4 z’amafaranga y’u Rwanda, aha hakaba hiyongeraho miliyari 2.4 zitari ngombwa. Read More 
Rwanda Rising: Hope, Conservation and a Dream Realized (Forbes - Monday, 1 March 2021) -- Not far from Lake Kivu in Northwestern Rwanda, the Gishwati-Mukura protected reserve pulses with life. Lush with mist-covered forests, primates, waterfalls and native Umushwati trees, the area comprises the larger Gishwati and smaller Mukura, spanning 8,400 acres. But it wasn’t always this abundant with life or hope; by the early 2000s, 98% of Gishwati was decimated. Read More
Nigeria’s First Female Park Controller (PBS - Monday, 1 March 2021) -- This piece comes to us from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). To honor Women’s History Month, WCS and Nature are bringing you six stories of women in the fields of nature and conservation. More Here

International Women’s Day — The Women of the Fossey Fund (DFGF - Monday, 1 March 2021) - In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, the Fossey Fund is celebrating some of the many women who are in the field working to ensure that our critical conservation work continues. Read More

“Greatest champion for the wildlife economy” joins the Giants Club (Space for Giants - March 2021) -- President Kagame becomes the sixth African Head of State to join the Giants Club, a unique forum that brings together African Presidents with major business leaders, leading philanthropists, and global influencers to protect some of the continent’s most important remaining natural landscapes that hold populations of large wild animals. Read More. Also published on The New Times

Sector Updates

Green Gicumbi project beneficiaries in a big smile as they benefit from rainwater harvesting tanks (Rwanda Green Fund - Thursday, 4 March 2021) -- Heavy rainfalls in different mountainous parts of Rwanda including Gicumbi District have been something usual in the last couple of years. However, this has over the past years put at risk the lives of innocent people as well as causing big damage to people’s properties, not forgetting the loss of economic infrastructures. Read more

REMA and UNEP’s U4E Launch Efficient Cooling Awareness Campaign (REMA - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- The Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency launches today a campaign to increase awareness on the benefits of embracing efficient cooling solutions. Read More 

Across Africa 

World's first boat made from recycled plastic starts sailing in Kenya (Xinhua Net - Thursday, 4 March 2021) -- Flipflopi, the world's first boat made from recycled plastic on Thursday started sailing around Lake Victoria in Western Kenya to spread awareness on hazards posed by non-biodegradable material to the environment. Read More

East Africa’s rising flood threat (SciDev Net - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- About six million people were affected by floods in 2020, from Rwanda to South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania and beyond. Flooding can lead to disease outbreaks, such as cholera, and damage livelihoods, crops and the environment. Read More
Uganda Forests Risk Depletion Due To Rapid Population Growth (Taarifa - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- Ugandan experts have revealed that the country’s population is expected to rise to 75million in the next decade warning this could directly and negatively impact on forests. Read More
Zimbabwe’s dam levels set new records after recent downpours (CGTN Africa - Wednesday, 3 March 2021) -- Zimbabwe has registered record-breaking dam levels after gaining an average of 56.9 percent this rainy season, state media reported Wednesday. Read More
From Around the World

UN launches Anti-plastic pollution mission in E. Africa (Anadolu Agency - Thursday, 4 March 2021) -- The world’s first recycled plastic sailing dhow on Thursday began a mission in Africa’s largest freshwater lake to raise awareness about plastic pollution, according to the UN. Read More

Examining the impact of climate change on Siberia’s stores of permafrost (Enviro Tech - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Northumbria University is to play a leading role in a major study to assess the long-term impact of global warming on Siberia’s thawing permafrost. Permafrost is frozen ground that stores vast amounts of fossil carbon. Given that permafrost holds twice as much carbon as the atmosphere, and that almost a quarter of the Northern Hemisphere is covered in permafrost, this frozen land plays an essential role in stabilising climate change. Read More

Global Oil Prices Fall Ahead of OPEC Meeting (Taarifa - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- As the alliance of Oil producing countries under OPEC meet on Thursday, global oil prices have reportedly fallen according to sector experts. Details indicate that the alliance is expected to loosen the taps after prices got off to their best-ever start to a year. Read More

Greening the “Special Relationship” (Project Syndicate - Tuesday, 2 March 2021) -- Joe Biden's arrival in the White House, and the United Kingdom's role as host of this year's United Nations climate summit, gives the Anglo-Saxon world a unique opportunity to demonstrate climate leadership in 2021. But both countries will have to back words with action – and money. Read More

Twitter Highlights
1. REMA Rwanda @REMA_RwandaThe Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme’s United for Efficiency, launches today a campaign to increase awareness on the benefits of embracing efficient cooling solutions. #SaveAsUCool
2. REMA Rwanda @REMA_RwandaOwning a refrigerator that helps you to keep groceries fresh and pay little for electricity as well as using air conditioners that are energy-saving is a two-fold benefit: you save money and protect the environment - @REMA's DG @Juliet_Kabera. #SaveAsUCool #KigaliAmendment
3. GGGI Rwanda @GGGI_Rwanda#ICYMI watch the @CNNAfrica interview with @EnviroserveRw @MberaOliver, @REMA_Rwanda & @GGGI_Rwanda of how #Rwanda value chain of #e-waste management is contributing to the #climatemitigation
4. Teddy Mugabo @TeddyMugabo_: Happy to join the conversation on “the role women play in protecting and conserving the country’s rich natural heritage.” #Women4GreenRwanda #IWD21