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Green Rwanda Media Review - 19 April 2021


  • The New Times shares a piece by Ambassador Ron Adam on the unprecedented opportunity to restore Mother Earth.
  • News Ghana reports about Volkswagen Rwanda's new charging station for electric vehicles.
  • Igihe reports that Bugesera residents disagree with a relocation decision due to airport construction.
  • Kigali Today and other outlets report about a waterspout that appeared on Lake Ruhondo, Musanze District.
  • Read the Centre of Excellence in Biodiversity and Natural Resources Management (CoEB) March Newslette


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This Rwandan Bears The Scars Of Deforestation, Now He’s Stopping It (Forbes - Sunday, 18 April 2021) -- As a child, Rwandan conservation finance expert Charles Karangwa ended up in hospital for a month after was attacked by wild dogs displaced by deforestation, now he works to find business models which aim to preserve forests and lift people out of poverty. Read More
Musanze: Bahawe amashanyarazi nyuma y’imyaka 40 baturanye n’urugomero (IGIHE - Sunday, 18 April 2021) -- Bamwe mu baturage baturiye mu Mudugudu wa Mukungwa, Akagari ka Kabirizi Umurenge wa Gacaca mu Karere ka Musanze, bavuga ko bishimiye umuriro w’amashanyarazi bahawe nyuma y’imyaka igera kuri 40 bamaze baturanye n’urugomero rwa Mukungwa bataratunga amashanyarazi mu ngo zabo. Read More
Nyagatare: Kompanyi zikora imihanda zasabwe kwihutisha ibikorwa (Kigali Today - Sunday, 18 April 2021) -- Minisitiri w’Ibikorwa remezo, Amb. Claver Gatete, yasabye kompanyi za Fair Construction na Chico kwihutisha ikorwa ry’imihanda batsindiye kuko abaturage bayikeneye. Read More
Towards a Green future: Here’s how GGGI is supporting Rwanda to mainstream green growth (The East African - Saturday, 17 April 2021) -- The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) as an intergovernmental organization supporting members to achieve sustainable inclusive economic growth is working with the Government of Rwanda in mainstreaming green growth into different sectors and policies with the ultimate aim of supporting the country’s transition to a climate resilient green economy. Read More
Abahinzi bo mu mujyi wa Kigali batewe impungenge n'imvura itakigwa ku buryo buboneye (Rwanda TV - Saturday, 17 April 2021) -- Bamwe mu bahinzi bo mu mujyi wa Kigali, bavuga ko bitewe no kuba imvura itakigwa ku buryo buboneye nko mu bihe byatambutse ari ibintu bishobora kugira ingaruka zikomeye ku musaruro w'ibikomoka ku buhinzi ndetse n'imibereho y'abaturage muri rusange. Watch Video
Rwanda unveils new incentives to drive electric vehicle uptake (The New Times - Friday, 16 April 2021) -- A cabinet meeting held on Wednesday, April 15 approved a strategy for electric mobility adaptation aiming at increasing electric vehicles and motorcycles. Read More
How the UK is supporting East African leadership in tackling climate change (The East African - Friday, 16 April 2021) -- Last month we hosted a Climate and Development Ministerial, attended by Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta, to identify urgent ways to increase financial support for countries most vulnerable to climate change. Read More
Welcome to this week's edition of Eco Africa (Deutsche Welle - Friday, 16 April 2021) -- We end our show in Rwanda, where a bat species is being threatened by a loss of habitat. But now a conservation organization is getting local communities onboard by raising awareness over the vital role bats play in the ecosystem. Read More
An unprecedented opportunity to restore Mother Earth (The New Times - Thursday, 15 April 2021) -- The coronavirus pandemic has presented us with one of the most acute challenges of our generation. It has also, however, presented us with a unique opportunity to pursue economic recovery programs following the pandemic that incorporate strong sustainability and low-carbon measures. Read More  
Rwanda a blueprint for e-mobility in Africa (CajNews Africa - Wednesday, 14 April 2021) -- Rwanda thus is the first African country to introduce a VW e-vehicle. The fleet has since expanded to 20 e-Golfs, which are mainly used as shuttles through VWMSR’s mobility services. Read More 
Volkswagen Rwanda unveils a new charging station for electric vehicles (News Ghana - Wednesday, 14 April 2021) -- Kigali – Continuing the drive towards sustainable mobility for Sub-Saharan Africa, Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda (VWMSR) recently unveiled its second charging station for electric vehicles in the capital of Kigali. Read More. Also published in Rwanda Today.
Ruhango: Bahawe Biogaz babura amase (IGIHE - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Abaturage batujwe mu Mudugudu w’icyitegererezo wa Muhororo ya kabiri uri mu Murenge wa Ruhango ho mu Karere ka Ruhango, bahawe Biogaz zo gucanaho ariko zibapfira ubusa bitewe no kudashyikirizwa inka bari bemerewe bakabura amase yo kuzatsa. Read More 
Bugesera: Abaturiye ahari kubakwa ikibuga cy’indege ntibavuga rumwe n’akarere ku cyemezo cyo kubimura (IGIHE - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Abaturage bo mu Karere ka Bugesera, Umurenge wa Rilima mu Kagari ka Karera ntibavuga rumwe n’ubuyobozi ku cyemezo cyabwo cyo kububakira no kubimurira aho bashobora kugera ku bikorwa remezo nk’amashuri n’amavuriro byoroshye. Read More.
Supporting Rwanda’s Green Economy: The Facility « Investing for Employment » will launch the first call for proposals on 3 May 2021 (The New Times - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Rwanda's Green Economy policy was set out in the Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy (GGCRS), whose objective it is to transform the mindset of the Rwandan society towards achieving the desired carbon-neutral and climate resilient economy. The GGCRS is fully embedded in Rwanda’s « Vision 2050 », which establishes the country’s strategic development framework for 2020-2050. Read More 
Meteo Rwanda yasobanuye ibyabaye mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo bigatangaza benshi (Kigali Today - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Ku gicamunsi cyo ku wa kabiri tariki 13 Mata 2021 mu Kiyaga cya Ruhondo giherereye mu Karere ka Musanze, hagaragaye Isata, abayibonye bwa mbere bibabera amayobera. Read More. Also published in The New Times
What is the economic value of wetlands straddling Rwanda and Burundi? (The New Times - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- There is a need for more investments in rehabilitating and conserving the wetlands that straddle Rwanda and Burundi located in the Nile River basin, according to environmental economists. Read More
BURERA: Mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo hagaragaye isata ibintu byateye abantu benshi ubwoba (Rwanda TV - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Watch Video
Normal rainfall expected in the next 10 days (The New Times - Monday, 12 April 2021) -- Most parts of Rwanda will experience normal rains associated with thunder and moderate wind until April 20, according to the forecast from Rwanda Meteorology Agency. Read More
Sector Updates
Video: African Circular Economy Alliance Annual Meeting (World Economic Forum YouTube Channel - Thursday, 15 April 2021) -- This session forms part of the Annual Meeting of the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA). Panellists will announce and discuss a new Alliance report on the Five Big Bets for the Circular Economy in Africa. The report explores major opportunities for the continent on food systems, packaging, the built environment, electronics, and fashion and textiles. Watch Video

Rwanda’s Biodiversity Heritage (CoEB Newsletter - March 2021) -- CoEB is collaborating with the Center for Environmental Policy (CEP) at Bard College, USA, to organize a webinar on climate change mitigation. This initiative was conceived by CEP under the “Solve Climate by 2030” campaign. Read More

Across Africa 
The circular economy transition is a multi-million opportunity for Africa - here’s why (World Economic Forum - Thursday, 15 April 2021) -- This opportunity is especially clear for the African continent when considering the circular economy (CE). While products and resources are made, used, and disposed of in a “linear economy”, in a circular economy they are recycled, repaired and reused. This approach eliminates waste, strengthens resilience, and is fast gaining traction as a new model for sustainable growth. Read More
When COVID flattened tourism, carbon credits kept these African hills ‘green’ (Conservation International - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- COVID-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions cratered ecotourism in Africa in 2020, depriving local communities of life-sustaining revenues. As a result, poaching surged across the continent driven by desperation for food and income, or by profit, and exacerbated by weakened enforcement efforts, experts have said. Read More
African Presidents Support Bold Action On Climate Change (EABW News - Sunday, 11 April 2021) -- In a historic and united show of solidarity for a continent that contributes only 5% to global emissions, more than 30 heads of state and global leaders committed to prioritizing actions that help African countries adapt to the impacts of climate change and “build forward better.” Read More

From Around the World

Nepal rhino numbers rise in 'exciting' milestone (BBC News - Wednesday, 14 April 2021) -- The number of one-horned rhinos in Nepal's wildlife sanctuaries has increased by more than a hundred, marking a positive milestone in the Himalayan nation's conservation efforts. Read More
Climate change is making Indian monsoon seasons more chaotic (Prevention Web - Wednesday, 14 April 2021) -- If global warming continues unchecked, summer monsoon rainfall in India will become stronger and more erratic. This is the central finding of an analysis by a team of German researchers that compared more than 30 state-of-the-art climate models from all around the world. Read More

Toxic and radioactive: The damage from mining rare elements (Deutsche Welle - Tuesday, 13 April 2021) -- Low wages, water shortage and acidified landscapes: Mining critical raw materials endangers human rights and the environment. Yet the industry is expanding. Read More

Discarded COVID-19 PPE such as masks can be deadly to wildlife (Science News - Monday, 12 April 2021) -- A Magellanic penguin in Brazil ingested a face mask. A hedgehog in England got itself entangled in a glove. An octopus off the coast of France was found seeking refuge under a mask. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. Mujawamariya Jeanne d'Arc @MujaJeanneKirazira kikaziririzwa kwangiza ibidukikije. Gutema ibiti by'imishoro ushaka ibikwa, gukoresha amasashi ( ubuvera), guhagarika imodoka mu bwatsi bwatewe ku muhanda,...n'ibindi byose bibangamira ibidukikije. Ibi byose bihanwa n'amategeko!  
2. Rwanda Green Fund @GreenFundRw: Addressing participants of the ongoing 30 Days of #EU-Africa Dialogue: #GreenTalks, the CEO of @RDBrwanda, @cakamanzi says: A good example of our green agenda is the promotion of e-mobility by offering incentives for electric car assemblies in our country.’
3. Meteo Rwanda @MeteoRwanda: Tumenye “Isata” icyo aricyo! Ku gicamunsi  cyo kuri uyu wa Kabiri  tariki ya 13 Mata 2021, mu kiyaga cya Ruhondo, mu karere Burera, hagaragaye ibintu byateye abantu kubyibazaho. Ibyagaragaye muri iki kiyaga ni “Isata” mu Kinyarwanda naho mu Cyongereza byitwa “Waterspout”.