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Green Rwanda Media Review - 12 April 2021


  • Bloomberg reports that Rwandan electric motorbike start-up, Ampersand, has secured a US $3.5 million investment - the largest of its kind in Africa.
  • The New Times reports about UNESCO supporting the management of water resources in Rwanda.
  • The New Times reports that a water resilience initiative has been rolled out in Kigali to boost reliable water supply.
  • CNBC Africa reports on Rwanda's journey to e-mobility.
  • Umuseke reports that young people have been exploring opportunities in agriculture that preserve biodiversity as well.
  • CNBC Africa reports on how the mining sector can drive Rwanda’s recovery.


Upcoming Events

  • 13 April: International Plant Appreciation Day 2021
  • 14-15 April: The 2021 African Circular Economy Alliance Annual Meeting organised by AFDB Group. More Here
  • 22 April: Earth Day 2021 / US Leaders Summit on Climate


Rwanda: Hateganyijwe imvura isanzwe igwa muri iki gihe (Imvaho Nshya - Sunday, 11 April 2021) -- Ikigo cy’Igihugu gishinzwe Ubumenyi bw’Ikirere (Meteo Rwanda) cyatangaje ko mu gice cya kabiri cy’ukwezi kwa Mata 2021 (kuva taliki ya 11 kugeza kuya 20) mu Rwanda hateganyijwe imvura iri hagati ya milimetero 30 na 120 ikaba izaba iri ku kigero cy’imvura isanzwe igwa henshi mu gihugu muri iki gihe cy’iminsi icumi. Read More
Rwanda’s E-Mobility Firm Gets $3.5m Investment, Plans Regional Expansion (KT Press - Friday, 9 April 2021) -- Rwanda’s e-mobility company, Ampersand has closed a private investment in electric mobility which will enable the company to increase more electric motorcycles (e-motos). Read More
Secrets of gorilla communication laid bare (BBC News - Friday, 9 April 2021) -- Using sound recordings, they measured the duration, number and audio frequencies of chest beats made in the wild by silverback mountain gorillas monitored by the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund in the Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. Read More
Africa’s Electric Motorbike Pioneer Seizes Silicon Valley Funds (Bloomberg - Thursday, 8 April 2021) -- Ampersand, a Rwandan startup that claims to be the continent’s first electric motorbike company, secured the funding from Ecosystem Integrity Fund, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund. Read More  
FEATURED: Water Resilience Initiative rolled out in Kigali to boost reliable water supply (The New Times - Thursday, 08 April 2021) -- World Resources Institute (WRI) and the City of Kigali launched an initiative in Kigali aimed at ensuring the city has sustainable and resilient water supply, both now and for the future. Read More 
FEATURED: How UNESCO is supporting management of water resources (The New Times - Thursday, 08 April 2021) -- Projects funded by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO are expected to improve water resources management and maximize water value and benefits in Rwanda and the region. Read More 
Umushinga w’Agatare wo kuvugurura imiturire y’akajagari muri Nyarugenge ugeze 59% (IGIHE - Tuesday, 06 April 2021) -- Umushinga wo kuvugurura imiturire y’akajagari mu Mujyi wa Kigali, mu Karere ka Nyarugenge, mu bice bitandukanye bya Biryogo, Rwampara, Akagatare na Kiyovu ugeze kuri 59%. Read More 
RMB’s Gatare on how the mining sector can drive Rwanda’s recovery (CNBC Africa - Tuesday, 06 April 2021) -- Last year, Rwanda embarked on a plan that was expected to drive economic recovery through key sectors such as mining. Read More.
Tracking Rwanda's journey to e-Mobility (CNBC Africa - Tuesday, 06 April 2021) -- The adoption of electric vehicles as an alternative to fossil fuels is crucial for tackling climate change. Read More 
Urubyiruko rweretswe amahirwe ari mu buhinzi n’ubworozi bubungabunga urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima (Umuseke - Monday, 05 April 2021) -- Mu gihe hirya no hino usanga bamwe mu rubyiruko rutitabira gukangukira ubuhinzi bitewe n’impamvu zinyuranye, hari bamwe mu biga muri Kaminuza zigisha ubuhinzi n’ibidukikije, ubukungu n’ishoramari ndetse n’abandi bagerageje kwihangira imirimo bagaragaza ko bigiye byinshi mu mahugurwa bahawe ajyanye no gukora kinyamwuga ubuhinzi bubungabunga urusobe rw’ibinyabuzima buzwi nka Agroecology. Read More
Rwanda’s Weekly Coffee Export Earnings Rise 32% (Taarifa - Monday, 05 April 2021) -- “Last week we exported a total of366,780Kg of Rwanda Coffee which gained U$1,336,935. In comparison to the previous week, both quantities and revenues increased by 17.8% and 32.8% respectively,” NAEB in its update on Easter Monday. Read More.
Kamonyi: Ikiraro cya Bakokwe cyangijwe n’ibiza muri 2020 cyongeye gukoreshwa (Umuseke - Sunday, 04 April 2021) -- Kiraro gihuza Umurenge wa Kayenzi mu Karere ka Kamonyi n’Umurenge wa Kiyumba mu Karere ka Muhanga, cyongeye gukoreshwa, cyasenywe n’ibiza mu mvura nyinshi y’itumba yaguye umwaka ushize wa 2020. Read More.
Sector Updates
Video: Rwanda's intervention at the Leaders’ Dialogue on the Africa Covid-Climate Emergency - Minister Biruta (Global Centre on Adaptation YouTube Channel - Tuesday, 6 April 2021) -- The Leaders’ Dialogue on the Africa Covid-Climate Emergency was convened by the African Development Bank and GCA, in close collaboration with the United Nations, and brought together African Heads of States and Governments, bilateral partners, heads of international organizations and development agencies. Watch Here
Across Africa 
How entrepreneurs can navigate the Nigerian economic climate (CNBC Africa - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- The International Monetary Fund has revised its growth forecast for the Nigerian economy upwards from one percent in January to 2.5 percent. Read More
African presidents and global leaders support bold action on climate change adaptation for Africa (Relief Web - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- In a historic and united show of solidarity for a continent that contributes only 5% to global emissions, more than 30 heads of state and global leaders committed to prioritize actions that help African countries adapt to the impacts of climate change and “build forward better.” Read More
Coca-Cola prioritises water stewardship efforts in South Africa (ESI Africa - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- In view of the need to protect and conserve the country’s water resources, the newly appointed Vice President of the South Africa franchise at Coca-Cola Africa, Phillipine Mtikitiki, is prioritising key sustainability issues such as water stewardship. Read More
From Around the World
Scientists help wildlife parks mobilize against poaching ( - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- Poaching threatens wildlife conservation around the world, and it's a top concern in protected conservation areas and parks, where rangers patrol the wilderness in an effort to deter and document this kind of illegal activity. Read More
Saving biodiversity: why our mental and physical health depends on it (World Economic Forum - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- During the COVID-19 lockdowns, more of us are noticing the variety of animals, trees, and flowers in our back gardens or local park and how being in contact with nature can influence our happiness. Read More

Banks pledge to fight climate crisis but their boards have deep links with fossil fuels (The Guardian - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- US banks are pledging to help fight the climate crisis alongside the Biden administration, but their boards are dominated by people with climate-related conflicts of interest, and they continue to invest deeply in fossil fuel projects. Read More

'Ecocide' movement pushes for a new international crime: Environmental destruction (NBC News - Wednesday, 07 April 2021) -- As rainforests burn and ice sheets melt, criminalizing ecocide could serve as a deterrent for companies and governments that harm the environment, advocates say. Read More
Twitter Highlights
1. REMA Rwanda @REMA_RwandaAbagenerwabikorwa b'umushinga #LAFREC muri Rutsiro na Ngororero biteze byinshi ku ngemwe z'ibiti bari guhabwa n'uwo mushinga. Barahabwa ibiti by'imbuto n'ibivangwa n'imyaka, bizabafasha guhangana n'imirire mibi no kugira ubudahangarwa ku ngaruka z'imihindagurikire y'ibihe  
2. Ministry of Infrastructure | Rwanda @RwandaInfra: Umushinga wo kuvugurura imiturire y’akajagari mu bice bya Biryogo, Agatare, Kiyovu na Rwampara muri Nyarugenge ugeze kuri 59%. Utu duce turi kubakwamo imihanda, ruhurura, inzira z’abanyamaguru n'amatara ku mihanda. Mu gice cya 2, uyu mushinga uzagera no mu tundi Turere tw’Umujyi.
3. b.musana @b_musana: The Hydro-economic analysis currently conducted with the support of @2030WRG will allow @RwandaWater put figures on water resources related risks and opportunities and turning area with water poverty/scarcity into niches of fastest GDP growth. #Vision2050 #Rwanda #WaterEconomy
4. Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund @SavingGorillas: Big things are happening at our new Ellen DeGeneres Campus and we are giving YOU a sneak peek Eyes at what's to come next week as we release our full campus stories series!