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How the Fund Works

The Fund carries out public Calls for Proposals and all applicants have a one month window of opportunity to submit their project concepts, known as Project Profile Documents (PPDs), developed according to pre-established criteria. All proposals received are taken through a rigorous screening process.

The project or programme proposal screening is carried out in a fair, transparent, competitive multi-step process. It is overseen by the Fund Management Team (FMT)/Secretariat with ultimate funding decisions made by the Fund Managing Committee (FMC) based on evaluations and recommendations provided by the FMT & Fund Technical Committee FTC.

Existing Financial Instruments

There are three main financial instruments that are currently provided by the Fund:

Accessed by public institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

This product is a performance based investment for research and development, proof-of-concept and demonstration. Private sector companies can apply for up to USD 300,000 and must provide 25% match funding.

The Fund provides Rwanda’s cheapest money with a credit line that provides Financing at 11.45%, well below market rates. Developed with Rwanda’s Development Bank, private sector companies must provide 30% match funding.