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Component Three

Climate resilient Settlements

Rwanda’s Vision 2050 has a set a goal to promote Rural settlements growth in a clustered and densified way with the necessary basic infrastructure, services and facilities.

Rural households settled in integrated planned settlements will increase from 67.2% (EICV5 2016/17) to 80% by 2024 and 100% by 2035 and thereafter. Moreover, the vision has the objective of increasing the proportion of poor and vulnerable population covered by social protection systems from the baseline of 6.5% (2017/18) to 20% and 50% in 2035 and 2050, respectively.

The SCRNRP has to date supported interventions that directly promote these twin objectives of integrated planned settlements that are climate resilient, a social protection measure for the project beneficiaries.

The project is contributing to this goal with a clear focus on enhancing climate resilience through rainwater harvesting to increase access to clean water for agriculture and domestic use, construction of gullies, check dams and water ponds to manage flood risks around settlements and application of low Carbon techniques and materials in construction.

Through the project, construction of 40 climate resilient dwelling units in Rubaya have been constructed and occupied by beneficiaries. The project targets to construct 200 houses in two separate settlements in both Rubaya and Kaniga of Gicumbi District. This is a significant contribution towards the Vision 2050 ambition of affordable and high-quality housing targeting to increase the proportion of rural households settled in integrated planned settlements.

Current progress and key achievements


Check-dams constructed in gullies



Ha of Infiltration ditches constructed


Climate resilient dwelling units constructed for vulnerable families relocated from high risk areas


Km Channels protected with bamboo/trees/shrubs and grasses



Rainwater harvesting tanks (1023m3)



Climate resilient dwelling units constructed and occupied by vulnerable families reloacted from high risk zones



Underground tanks & cisterns (harvesting 3670m3) constructed



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