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Component One

Watershed and climate resilient agriculture

This component focuses on the reduction of soil erosion and land degradation on cultivated areas, including tea and coffee plantations, as well as buffer areas around the catchment and other public areas such as river and roadsides. This intervention aims at identifying sites of high-risk in all nine sectors targeted by the project, including the Mulindi tea estate that is particularly vulnerable to flooding and landslides.

The climate resilient agriculture aspects promote agricultural practices along the value chain to foster transformation through innovation, climate resilience and sustainability to address poverty and support economic growth and in the process build adaptive capacity of poor households from future climate risks and impacts.

Vision 2050 sets out the aspiration of Agriculture for wealth creation with the overarching objective of attaining agriculture transformation that is equally led by both women and men professional farmers and commercialized value chains.

Thus, the SCRNRP, commonly referred to as the Green Gicumbi Project has taken on board recommendations on prioritizing market-oriented and climate resilient agriculture, supported scaling up use of modern inputs and technologies to maximize productivity and increased access to agriculture finance and risk sharing facilities through Community Adaptation Facility (CAF).

Current progress and key achievements


Ha of radical terraces established


Ha of agricultural land planted with agroforestry trees


Ha of higher elevations established with coffee plantation


Automated weather stations (AWS) established


Ha Progressive terraces established


Ha established with protective forestry on rivers, roadsides and steep slopes



Ha of higher elevations established with tea plantation


Cows provided to vulnerable families through Girinka Program


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