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  • Establishment of Radical Terraces
    for Erosion control
    Terraces have played a critical role
    in controlling soil erosion in Gicumbi District
    as well as contributing to increased agricultural productivity.
  • Transforming existing
    practices into climate
    resilient practices
    Enabling the community to continue adapting
    to future climate variability and change
    beyond the lifetime of the project.
  • Supporting the Communities for
    Climate Resilience
    Through the Community Adaptation Fund (CAF) funded by the World Bank
    77 local cooperatives have been empowered on climate resilience and trained
    on the development of environmental and climatechange-related projects to
    ensure the sustainability of the project gains.
  • Promoting sustainable
    forestry & sustainable
    The growth and diversification of forests through
    sustainable forestry management is a step in
    the right direction in supporting the achievement of Rwanda’s forestry targets
  • Climate Change is Real.
    We must adapt
    to its effects
    Reducing vulnerability to climate change by enhancing
    the adaptive capacity of the targeted groups as well as
    reducing their exposure to climate risks.

Green Gicumbi Project targets to reach 150,000 vulnerable population living in the project intervention area as direct beneficiaries.

Project Key Achievements


Watershed protection and climate resilient agriculture

Ha of progressive terraces established
Ha of Radical terraces established
Green Jobs Created - 52% women, 48% men
Automated weather stations established
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Sustainable Forest management and sustainable energy

Ha of degraded forests rehabilitated
improved cookstoves distributed & 10 domestic biogas units constructed as pilot
Variable Speed Drives installed in Mulindi Tea Factory
High quality seedlings raised in time and planted
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Climate resilient settlements

check-dams constructed in gullies
16913 Ha
Infiltration ditches established
Climate resilient dwelling units constructed to accommodate vulnerable families relocated from high risk zones
Climate resilient dwelling settlements units constructed and occupied by families relocated from high risk areas
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Knowledge transfer and mainstreaming

Beneficiaries trained on climate change adaptation & different climate resilient practices
Community Mobilization meetings and workshops Conducted
Community Volunteers and youth equipped with knowledge & tools to foster awareness on climate change adaptation and participation
Digitized Project M&E System with GIS capabilities established & functioning
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News & Updates


Our key goal is to strengthen climate resilience of vulnerable communities


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