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FONERWA’s Role to Rwanda’s climate change needs shared with Global Environmental Policy Leaders

Every 22 April of each year, the world celebrates the Earth Day. This becomes a particular time for all human beings to reflect on alarming issues that undermine the beauty of the world and exchange on how the human kind can work together to restore a health planet.

Environmental degradation and climate change are among the alerting issues currently facing the world and creating severe problems to the lives of the global population.

Rwanda like any other country, has been facing the impact of the climate change. Heavy rains which causes a lot of socio-economic damages is one of the examples.

Being strongly committed to taking concrete actions towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, the Government of Rwanda has over the last 26 years been building its people’s resilience to adapt to the impact of climate change.  

To ensure this goal is achieved, the country increased the green investments across the country and established different mandated institutions to ensure climate resilient and green economy. The National Fund for Environment-FONERWA which is a financing vehicle and catalyst for green investments in the Country is one example of that.

To date the Fund, has contributed to building the community’s resilience towards climate change adaption through financing different green projects and the Fund’s current achievements are tremendously visible.

Sharing this Thursday 22, 2021 Rwanda’s experience in building resilience and adapting to climate change at the Climate Leaders Summit which was organised by the United States Government, the Minister of Environment, Honorable Jeanne D’Arc Mujawamariya expressed FONERWA’s role to the national climate action efforts.

‘‘The Fund has mobilised approximately 200 million dollars, created more than 140,000 green jobs and protected and rehabilitated 30,000 hectares of watersheds and water bodies,’’ said the Minister.

‘‘Government leadership and the Fund’s investments have inspired more than 40 green villages country-wide, the introduction of electric motorbikes and new ecotourism sites, among others. This contributes to the health of people, our environment and the economy,’’ She added.

The Minister also told the environmental policy leaders from around the world gathered in the Climate Leaders Summit event that upscaling such initiatives and diversifying sources of finance, including carbon trading and private financial instruments is critical to implement our ambitious NDC climate action plan.